Xanax addiction stories

A Caregiver's Story- And How I Became an Addict

5.12.2017 | Ryan Carroll

He agreed, and so began my “relationship” with Xanax. I had never taken anything like that before and didn't know anything about it. All I knew.

I have to be very careful of everything I do and who I talk to. Any detox that I might normally do, like juicing, rebounding on a trampoline (which gets the lymph system going), intense exercise, or a massage (oh how I’d love one), only sends me further into withdrawal hell. I feel very fragile in every way. I have hope that I am creating, or recreating, a new and better me. The big question I have is, who am I now? After twenty years on a brain- and mind- altering “medication”, I’m not sure who I am anymore.

Savannah A True Story of Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery

6.13.2017 | Victoria Barnes

Growing up with addicted parents, Savannah struggled with that I took Xanax, woke up in downtown Houston, and never went home again.

Great story really inspired me to quit cocaine.

Reading, being with and learning about ourselves and Christ love for us is AMAZING. YOU ROCK. Thank you for your story and ill be praying for you Sister. Im 51yrs old and graduate from munson recovery program this next tuesday. IN GODS LOVE, DORI. Your determination will inspire many men,woman and teens… Hearing that you reached out to God in that momment and him loving you in all the pain you were in, so helps other addicts to consider that God will love them clean to….

My life in Xanax

12.19.2017 | Sydney Holmes

But I never told anyone about my addiction to pills — until this very who had escaped from a Mexican prison and told stories about what it felt.

Then one day I did see.

E unlocked a door for me. I’ve tried PCP, LSD, speed, poppers, mushrooms. But I didn’t understand taking something over and over, walking back and forth through a door already opened wide. Why would you want to escape life? Life is everything! Nor did I want to escape who I was, no matter how fucked up. (The answer? A lot!) But I would no more smoke or drink as a daily habit than I would throw darts at my eyes. I’ve occasionally drunk to black out, only to discover what I was capable of when inhibitions were deactivated.

Benzo Addiction Stories (Xanax, Ativan, Valium, Klonopin)

7.14.2017 | John Becker

When I was seeking help for my long-term addiction to Xanax, I found dozens of detailed stories and testimonials online written by people.

…the evening of the birthday, I took half a Xanax tab & had lots of champagne. Don’t recall anything from 1pm until approximay midnight, when I was arrested & accused of assaulting a police officer!.

When I was seeking help for my long-term addiction to Xanax, I found dozens of detailed stories and testimonials online written by people who’d “been there” before me.

– Kate Fay on

– Judith on

It was then that the harsh reality that I was addicted to Xanax hit me.

– Jacinta on

The people closest to my have to walk on eggshells because one wrong move and I have lost all patience.

Xanax Abuse Stories, Xanax Addiction Stories

9.16.2017 | Ryan Carroll

The common theme running through most Xanax abuse stories is the fact that after a week or two of taking this drug, many individuals continue.

Studies indicate that in recent years the medical and non-medical use of Xanax has increased by over 1,400% as well as a 150% increase in the number of emergency room visits related to the use of this drug. More individuals are opting for the calming and hypnotic effects of Xanax to relieve stress and anxiety than ever before.