Taking xanax

Can you die from taking Xanax?

10.16.2017 | Abigail Miln

Yes, you can die from taking Xanax, especially if it's taken with other drugs or alcohol. Read more about this commonly abused drug here.

However, Xanax is most dangerous when combined with other drugs, which is why recreational use can be so dangerous. Can you get high on Xanax ? Yes, in some cases.

Xanax 12 Things You Should Know

11.17.2017 | Sydney Holmes

Abruptly stopping Xanax after you have been regularly taking it, even if only for a short while, can lead to troublesome side effects. You may.

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Patients also develop tolerance, requiring higher and higher doses. Xanax, commonly referred to by its generic name alprazolam, was originally developed by Upjohn Labs in the late 1960's as a sleep aid with muscle relaxant properties, but researchers soon learned it had other properties, too. It was found to be effective for anxiety and panic disorder, and the FDA approved these uses in 1981.

Xanax during pregnancy Is it safe?

8.14.2017 | Sydney Holmes

Taking Xanax during your first trimester (months 1–3) of pregnancy could raise your baby's risk of birth defects. These could include cleft lip.

It’s a pregnancy category D drug. Xanax is not safe to take during pregnancy. That means it can harm your pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant, talk with your doctor about treatment options other than Xanax for your anxiety.

Little research exists on withdrawal in newborns, but problems could include trouble breathing, trouble eating on their own, and dehydration.


9.15.2017 | Abigail Miln

Screw a Xanax bar. Seriously! This photo is of half of one -- I found the full bar in my apartment last night when I was (attempting) to clean it.

What is a time of joy for many women was my darkest hour.

I recently gave birth, and I wasn't prepared for the startling, compley unforeseen aftermath of misadventure that my body has become.

I didn't expect it -- I used to have to take three bars to sleep. I ate it all, then blacked out again. But last night I woke up at 4 am, put on sweatpants and an army jacket, and walked eight blocks to this deli that makes submarine sandwiches and got one, along with two Cokes, a Nantucket Nectars lemonade and two bags of chips.

Any experience with Xanax for flying anxiety?

5.11.2017 | Abigail Miln

I saw my doctor this morning and she prescribed Xanax for the Would you recommend taking it before takeoff or once I am in the air? Does it really help with.

She took 2, and was still just as anxious and upset as ever (Believe me, I was with her!) She has found that for her, the best thing is just plain old dramamine---and not the non drowsey kind!. My daughter HATES to fly, and was prescribed Xanax for a long flight to Europe.

I have to take two (15mg?) to take the edge off of flying, but I have found that it helps a lot. I don't get sleepy. I feel like I am like everyone else on the plane - no racing heartbeat, no sweaty palms - I am able to not be terrified, but I am still nervous.

I have taken Xanax and valium.