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Most irresponsible benzo blackout ever, transcontinental

9.13.2017 | Sydney Holmes

To be fair, if you're buying drugs during a benzo blackout you're.. I have taken too many xanax and gone out to buy people coffee and stuff and. a few stories from friends calling me and some funny Facebook messages.

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I don't plan to ever take Klonopin again.

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hahaha could you imagine.

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Couldn't you use that to visit your family...?

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to visit Quito, Ecuador! Apparently 25 hours went by which I really can't account for likely because redosing and judging by receipts I within these 25 hours A) Took a taxi from Downtown (where my apartment is) to MIA, B) Spent 37.00 on Starbucks and food/drinks in the airport C) Boarded a plane to Quito from Miami International.

Another Benzo Blackout Story Drugs

3.7.2017 | Victoria Barnes

The blackout comes into play the next morning, where my phone log The stories of people becoming model workers during a benzo blackout are. Am I the only one that can take a milligram or two of xanax and have a nice.

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Yeah it's funny when I black out on benzos I clean the house, talk my way out of traffic tickets and have no problem functioning even if I don't remember it.

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A adventure I do not fully remember but with help from my coworkers I'm able to partially recall my day.

Potentially catastrophic Benzo airplane blackout Drugs

10.14.2017 | Victoria Barnes

While I realize this story is as old as Xanax itself I thought I would share my tale. It was freshman year of college. I was one of the last to.

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Her cousin and I had been buddies for awhile and basically claimed her house because we could and it was a chillin place. Then, later on that day, she walks in the door. Our initial reaction was obviously, wtf? What are you doing here?.

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Benzo blackout stories! Drugs

11.15.2017 | Sydney Holmes

Benzo blackout stories are my favorite stories. I'll start off with the only one i vaguely remember. So i took 2mg of Xanax with no tolerance at.

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I'm gonna start with the beginning of the evening. I was going out with some friends to a club called "Staubsauger". Was taking in like 7 etiz ( I've got a huuuuuuuge tolerance these days. ). Until we arrived at the club everything went fine, then I start to drank a beer and and some british guy we met there gave a round ov vodka.

That was the last time I ever touched the stuff, and I probably never will again.

Flight to Abu Dhabi delayed by Jeremy Cassar mixing Xanax with

6.10.2017 | Sydney Holmes

Share; Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter · Share on Google+ · Share on Reddit · a friend With one Xanax and a shot of airport tequila in my system, alcohol-fuelled benzo blackouts are compley accurate), and I had paid for I follow him into a room so as to take down my side of the story.

My final solution was to fork out an extra $230 dollars for an exit-row aisle seat — perhaps the only seat that might stop my heart from entering my throat, and to bring along a prescribed bottle of Xanax.

I refused to follow, explained my side, and handed over my account of the story, which apparently I’d written down on paper prior to exiting the plane.

My heart returned to my chest as he handed over the little bit of yellow paper.

Everything seemed to be coming up Milhouse.


My claustrophobia and fear of what I consider an illogical mode of transportation (they still can’t compley explain gravity, ffs) ballooned as the days prior to my departure drew nearer.

When the gentleman reappeared, he held a small piece of paper in his hand.