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Xanax & Celexa (Alprazolam & Citaloprom) Stuttering Forum

5.16.2017 | Victoria Barnes

Has anyone tried the Xanax & Celexa combo as per the study by JP Brady & Zahir Ali that has been cited on this forum a few times?.

I am looking at this combo of drugs and wondered if anyone here had tried them and what doses that you took and what effects there were.

I went to my doctor asking for a prescription for Xanax and was denied. Basically he looked in his little book, and under stuttering treatments, there were no drugs, only things like speech therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy.

Has anyone tried the Xanax & Celexa combo as per the study by JP Brady & Zahir Ali that has been cited on this forum a few times?

I’ll update over the next few weeks to give any results.

Celexa vs Xanax and Technique Stuttering Forum

4.15.2017 | Ryan Carroll

Hey guys, I'm currently taking .5mg of celexa (clonazepam) twice a day. I upped my dossage from .25mg twice a day. I've noticed improvements.

I”m sorry for the confusion. So if anyone has any experience with either, or both please give us your feedback so we can grow stronger as a group. I’m taking celexa 20mg every morning and Clonazepam. 5mg twice a day, somtimes three times a day, if needed. The orginal point of this thread was to compare Clonazepam to Xanax.

You said it destroyed your nerves, what do you mean by that? I’m always interested in trying new techniques and ways to improve stuttering, so definiy keep us posted how this new treatment is going.

Anybody tried xanax? which medication worked best? Stutter

11.22.2017 | Sydney Holmes

This is a forum for people who stutter, for stuttering discussion and to find I am in week 3 of taking valium every day along with .5mg xanax for.

Welcome to /r/Sssssstutter !

anybody tried xanax? which medication worked best? ( self.Stutter ).

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So I am thinking about what thought or message I am trying to communicate and which words to choose, and at the same time thinking about which words I am likely to block on and how I am going to get through each block. In high anxiety situations I have never been able to avoid this thought pattern, the fear and anxiety just makes it more difficult to control my mind.

Does Xanax Really Work? Stuttering Forum

6.17.2017 | John Becker

Hey guys, I'm in the process of getting some Alprazolam and I just wanted to know does it really work? Also should I get some other drugs to.

Everything seems so easy when I’m fluent. I don’t know what it is about it, but it definiy works for me. You’re not supposed to drink when you take xanax (can be very dangerous), but I have been combining the two in moderation on occasion because I’ve found that I can speak almost compley fluent. I got a prescription to xanax for the same reason.

I did it, I stopped stuttering Stuttering Forum

10.21.2017 | Ryan Carroll
Xanax stuttering forum

I went from a severe stutter in youth to a high level of fluency at present. as giving someone subject to sudden anxiety a Xanax or the like.

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