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What is Xanax used for?

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Xanax is used and prescribed by increasing numbers of doctors. Xanax is a type of medication called a benzodiazepine, which is a central.

Yes, Xanax can be addictive. And keep in mind that chemical dependence is difference than drug addiction. Abuse can become addiction when you. However, many patients with anxiety disorders, do not develop clinical dependence on Xanax. This is because alprazolam, the active ingredient in Xanax can be habit-forming.

Popping Xanax is more harmful than you think Fox News

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"I'm not a fan of Xanax, but I might prescribe just a few pills on occasion for patients with fear of flying; it works," said Dr. Catherine Birndorf.

The lack of awareness is complicated by the fact that many patients self-diagnose and ask for the drugs by name.

At first, she loved it.


"My body and my brain have to learn how to handle even the most minor stresses on their own all over again, like driving on busy roads," she said.

Doctors also often prescribe Xanax as a short-term fix for moments of acute anxiety or to help manage specific phobias.

"I know from a clinic where I work that even people who aren't physically dependent on benzos can get desperate for them," Reinhold said.

"Somehow I made it to school.

Xanax Addiction and Abuse

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Xanax is the number one prescribed psychiatric medication in the United States. Seventy percent of teens with a Xanax addiction get the drug from their family's.

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If the user decides to stop taking Xanax, they may experience withdrawal effects, such as tremors, fatigue and impaired coordination. The development of tolerance and withdrawal are indications of addiction. The onset of withdrawal symptoms is a sign that a physical dependence has developed.

Some people abuse Xanax by taking it in higher doses and combining it with other drugs or alcohol in order to achieve the desired high.

Xanax (Alprazolam) Patient Information Side Effects and Drug

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Xanax Abuse Signs, Symptoms and Addiction Treatment

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Xanax is the trade name of the prescription medication alprazolam, and is in a category of drugs known as benzodiazepines. Typically, doctors prescribe Xanax.

You could develop cognitive problems that make it difficult for you to articulate your words. You might find yourself thinking about how you are going to get more Xanax when you have finished what you have.

Because the addiction develops over time, it may take some time before you even realize that you have a problem. Xanax addiction is a widespread problem and affects the lives of numerous adults.

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Even people who take the medication exactly as prescribed can become addicted to it without realizing it.

Many treatment options exist outside of the professional setting with community-based treatment and 12-step meetings being successful ways to end your relationship with the substance.

Benzodiazepine drugs can have an amnestic effect, making it quite easy for individuals abusing them to forget the fine details of important conversations or tasks that need to be performed.

17.9 Million people in the U.S.