What are the differences between Vicodin, Lortab, Percocet

8.25.2017 | Abigail Miln
What are the differences between Vicodin, Lortab, Percocet

If you're been taking the lortab for a year, your body has just become accustomed to it and is requiring a higher dose to achieve the same pain relief. It sounds like you'd be better off with a long acting, extended release medicine with a immediate release medicine for the breakthrough pain. Lisa. Just my thoughts. If you have consistent, chronic pain in your hip you should go to a pain management Dr.

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I have serious concerns about phyco buddy here!

I understand that Percs, and Rox's are Oxycodone and Vics, loris are hydrocodone of varying mg. Actually, most of my question was answered, but not all. But, what is the difference between a Loritab 5mg and a Vicodin 5mg? or What's the difference between Percocet 10mg and Perotan 10mg?.

9.Twice, I have experienced PHYSICAL withdrawal, and that was easy to deal with compared to the pain. 10.For healing purposes, it is IMPORTANT to take your pain meds as directed, and let your physician know if you are not getting relief. Be prepared for an anxious jittery feeling for a couple of days (easy compared to the pain you were suffering) 7.IF you are psychologically dependent, you will CRAVE opiates to the exclusion of all else, regardless of the pain you are experiencing and very quickly need more and more opiates 8.I have taken opiates off and on for over 25 years for migraines and back pain. 6.Sometimes after longtime opiate use, when the underlying cause of pain can be corrected, you may experience a physical withdrawal. Ask your doctor for a small prescription (12ea) of a benzodiazapine like Valium or Xanax to take the edge off while you back off of the pain meds. I NEVER think about taking them when I am not in pain.

The two that help my back the most when I have flare ups are the Percocet and Percodan. I did notice the difference in milligrams and oxycodone vs hydrocodone. I have had back problems for years. My doctors keep giving me the pills above, and whenever I read the bottles, they all say pretty much the same things. Is that normal? Meaning the effect of those is supposed to be a little stronger? Thanks again. Thanks for the quick response.

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The vicodin and lortab are the same as far as the hydrocodone but the tylenol could be different. Dave. Percot is tylenol while percodan is asa.

Go with it. This is a good, accurate answer.

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This is a very accurate answer.

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"The vicodin and lortab are the same as far as the hydrocodone but the tylenol could be different" thats wrong. Lortab is 7.5 and hydro is 5 or 10 mg buut your right about the tylenol.

The other 3 all contain oxycodone which is around the middle of the opiate scale. So vicodin and lortab are both the same opiate and differ in strength of tylenol and hydrocodone. Percocet contains tylenol, percodan contains asa and oxycodone is all by itself. Same with the oxycodone drugs. Dave. All of these drugs are useful for short term pain although there is oxycontin which is a sustained release version of oxycodone and is used extensively for long term chronic pain. Vicodin and lortab contain a relatively weak opiate called hydrocodone.

I read all you the responses and comments and let me say you sound much better than when you frist asked the question. I would just like to mention that therapy can also be very helpful for back pain. I know it is enpensive but maybe your doc can give you some exercises you can do on your own Good Luck. As long as it is prescribed by your doctor.

The problem is that addiction comes without realizing it. Talk to your health care professional. It can be very dangerous and you will be unable to control this yourself. You must control the amount you take as your body will become immune and you may feel the affect be lessened. Percocet will definiy help control pain more effectively. You will know when you begin crossing over into addiction when you find yourself taking the meds without the pain being present or to get the feeling you once did when you began taking Percocet. Do not be tempted to take more. If possible, take less than the amount prescribed as a problem will develop and you will need professional help in correcting it.

What many people do not realize is tha:t 1.If you are experiencing chronic pain, then take your pain meds as needed per your Rx. Do not skip doses as you will need MORE medication to overcome the pain. 2.If your pain meds do not relieve your pain, then l your physician so that he/she may prescribe something stronger. 3.IF you are in pain, you will not develop a psychological dependence on the medication 4.Never take pain medicine when you are NOT in pain 5.The opiates fill the pain receptors on the nerve endings in your brain,allowing certain neurotransmitters to reuptake more slowly, blocking the pain sensation, and when you receive enough opiates, the receptors are filled, and your pain will be relieved Expand.

Besides the differences in milligrams of Oxycodone and Acedamediphine sometimes Asprin, what are the differences between these pain killers.

soooo that is why they seem to help more, but pls understand, they have much more potential for addiction.MUCH more, so if your back problem can be managed with the vicodine pls do not make the jump, suck it up, take some pain if u can, I dont mean horriable pain, I mean if its managble, try some natural supplemets, I go to gnc, great options to assist w/pain, i am not deminishing you pain believe me, I do understand, more than I want to, but drug dependency can easliy turn into drug addition that is irrevesable, so tread softly, & I wish you success in finding relief & comfort, Dave pretty smart guy huh? Shoot out to Dave!!!. I think if you re-read what Dave wrote you will find your answer to your last response. oxycodone. That is what is in both the PERKS.

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please get 2nd opinion, b-4 considering surgery. that said, Dave is right on about the pain meds, pls read very carefully what he is saying.he has lived it and many of us on this site either have addiction problems or family members with addictions problems that started very innocently with a single pain pill. So many neck & back surgeries result in no relief or worse yet, more pain. I agree with Dave 100% but exception: surgery part.

perc and oxycodone are the same pills (oxy is the generic) that comes in a few different milligrams and im not sure about percodan cuz iv never filled that.

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So my question is what is the difference between hydocodon and oxycodon? I was told there really about the same. Well I called the pharmacy and they said they made the mistake but they are from the same family of opiates. and thank you Also, I think the pharmacy should give me the original prescription filled at no cost and I will give them back the one they messed up. Just checking. What would you do??. So I went to get a Percocet and the pill was pink so I looked at the label and it read Hydro-Codon. My NP wrote a prescription for me and it was for Percocet 5/325 and to take one to two every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain. Came back home and I was doing well with taking Tylenol but then the bottom fell out. I have a kidney stone and they are wanting me to try and pass it on my own so I don't have to have it removed surgical but the pain in my right side which goes from my back to my front abdomen and it feels like someone is stabbing me over and over. So when they called we left to go pick up the prescription. generic for Lortab-10.

I can take pain, but not at work. I've tried all sorts of remedies. Last thing on my to-do-list is becoming dependent on any drugs, maybe surgery is my only option from drugs??? We'll see, thanks again. I'm trying NOT to go under the knife, my mother has has 11 back surgeries and my doctor has recommended surgery for me. I try to take the pills at work, which is okay now since I'm used to them. I used to feel really weird and wasn't able to work to the best of my ability. Now, I can take these meds and work without feeling funny, it just takes the edge off enough for me to make it through the day. Thanks to both of you.

I can down 30mg of Lortab and it just touches the pain. Id like to know why Percocet does nothing for me? They give me the 7.5mg and I get no help with my hip pain. I understand that I have been on the Lortab for a 1yr but when im giving another drug for brake pain and it does nothing I want to go to the ER and l them to hit me like Im at a bar even thought I dont drink.

If you have non-envasive options take them first. Good Luck and feel better soon. Get a second opinion and then decide. There are many times alternatives to surgery. I agree with the above response.

I've tried other pills but had no luck. Since my back surgery 20yrs ago I have been in a lot of pain off & on. We found that Vicodin/Hydrocodone HP(8.5-850 mg) & Soma 350 mg really has been doing a fantastic job.

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I take between 1.5-2.5 tablets/day but can l an increase is on the way because I started w/.5 twice/day. What's the max per day long term that is acceptable? Is it a good idea to switch back and forth, month to month between vicodin and percidan or some other pain med to keep from having to increase daily dose?. I have a severely messed up neck from a car accident @ 7yrs ago-migraines and nausea to boot. I've been taking vicodin for a year while going thru traction and massge w/chiropractor to avoid surgery.

I have tried some crazy ones already, some work for a while and other not at all. I'm just trying to stay away from surgery, so I will look into any alternatives. Gotcha, think that about sums it up. trying to find LONG term help, or maybe, just maybe life long help?. I've been trying all sorts of alternatives. End result is my back is still messed up and in pain.

catspaw1955. well vicodin, lortab, are hydrocone, they are not as strong as percocet, percodan, and they are oxycodone, wich is much stronger.

then what and why is there a vicoprofin 10 hydrocodone and 200mg og ibprofin?

There are a lot of problems when using opiates for chronic pain the obvious being addiction. Surgery, if the doctors can give you a very good recovery is worth doing. Large amounts of opiates can leave you prone to infections, colds seem to last longer ect. Dave. After time almost all opiate pain killers lose there effect or better yet you grow a tolerence. A lot of times doctors also order benzodiazapines such as xanax or kolonipin which can be dangerous as they work with the opiates and can cause respitory depression and even failure. So you need to exhaust all options before you decide to go on opiate pain killers for life. Methadone is the only opiate that I'm aware of that is almost impossible to build a tolerence to but you normally need to have a huge tolerence to opiates before you should even think about using methadone, the drug is just that powerful. Having to take pain killers the rest of your life will at some point cause you problems or worse. As a matter of fact I have lowered my dose significantly over the years.